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Up to 37% saving in drive power - Long travel distances, high fill weights.

With an energy-efficient igus® rol e-chain® up to 75% of drive power (compared with a sliding application) can be saved. The picture shows a rol e-chain® in a crane. Travel distances of 500m and more are possible.
Low power consumption: roller energy chains used in cranes.

Example: When a roller energy chain is used instead of a sliding application, then the friction loss drops. As the result of tests, with the same key data (filling, chain length, speed and acceleration) it has been possible to reduce the friction factor from 0.3 to under 0.1.

Result: The use of roller energy chains reduced the drive power by 37 percent compared with the sliding application.

rol e-chain® - rolling instead of sliding motion

e-chain® weight (4040CR.200.250.0) 4.741kg/m
Filling with 3 motor cables CF30
and 1 control cable CF5
Chain length axial feed, 30m (equates to 60m travel distance)
Coefficient of friction µ 0.1
Acceleration a 2 m/s²
Speed v 4 m/s
Mass of e-chain system® 317.1 kg
Necessary pull/thrust force to
move the e-chain system®
945.3 N
Necessary max. power to
move the e-chain system®
3.78 kW
Reduction in the power required approx. 38%

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