Pillow block bearings

igubal® pillow block bearings are up to 40% more cost-effective and up to 80% lighter than comparable metal solutions. They are also completely lubrication and maintenance-free. The pillow block bearings have a high level of durability and stiffness – even when they are exposed to demanding ambient conditions. They are resistant to dust and dirt, corrosion-free and function properly even in liquids and media. Even UV radiation from the sun, nuclear radiation and temperatures between -30 and +80 °C do not have any negative impact on their running properties and their wear resistance. The pillow block bearings are currently available shaft diameters of 5 to 50 mm (the shaft should have a tolerance between h6 and h9). The spherical balls provide automatic angle compensation. This enables the bearings to automatically equal out alignment errors and edge loads, misalignments and deflections of the shaft. In contrast to bearings made of metal, they are also able to absorb and dampen high-frequency vibrations.

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