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drylin® linear bearings are resistant to dirt

All drylin® linear bearing systems operate without external lubrication such as oil or grease and are therefore extremely insensitive to dirt as well. The familiar effect whereby dirt particles or dust become bound up in the lubricant, turn it black and, in the worst-case scenario, make it into an abrasive paste is ruled out. The work that has to be done by wipers and sealing equipment in the case of systems with roller bearings and that can lead to failure due to wear is not necessary in the case of linear bearings. Blocking of the balls by large particles is also ruled out.
The fact that sliding elements clean the "track" themselves, the bearing does not have to be sealed thanks to the absence of lubricant and the bearing system has a simple structure speaks for itself.

Proven and tested!

Service life test when under the influence of sand: No locking, orderly removal of sand particles. Almost no influence on the service life.