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drylin® linear plain bearings - the cost-effective alternative to rolling bearings

Plastic instead of metal: Replace recirculating ball bearing guides and immediately profit from the advantages of the dry operation provided by lubrication-free drylin® linear technology

The drylin® linear bearings enable maintenance-free and lubrication-free operation of parts of machines and equipment whose function is determined by relative movements in a straight line between components. The special dry-tech® high-performance plastics of the bearing bushings ensure that machine elements can be moved along a shaft or profile guide silently and with little friction. Compared to linear solutions with rolling elements, the acquisition costs are up to 40% lower and there are no additional operating costs.
In linear ball bearings, one or several rows of balls support the shaft. To work properly, they need a ball recirculation system that guides the balls back in the direction opposite to the shaft's direction of movement. The ball recirculation system and the high level of stress on the balls due to the load being applied to a small point on each ball are factors that result in potential weak spots and noise. Ball recirculation systems can be replaced with igus® linear bearings of the drylin® series in nearly all areas of use. Due to their simple structure, the drylin® linear plain bearings have very little susceptibility to failure. Lubrication-free operation means that the machine parts remain free of dirt, dust and moisture. Another benefit is the very quiet operation of the drylin® linear bearings.


Advantages at a glance

Up to 40% more cost-effective than recirculating ball bearing guides

100% maintenance and lubrication-free

Corrosion-resistant and hygienic


Resistant to dirt, dust and humidity

Extremely quiet operation

No minimum order value, no minimum order quantity

Shipping in 24 - 48 hours

Service life can be calculated online

Configurable online

The advantages in detail

Lighter than recirculating ball bearing guides

High performance polymers make drylin® linear technology even more robust

Due to the use of sliding elements made of high performance polymers, drylin® linear technology is especially wear-resistant and durable - even when subjected to high mechanical loads.

Robust application

Customer application:
Acquiring an edge with drylin®

Precision is one thing, robust linear guidance another With robust drylin® linear drives, NOVASPORT (see above on right) creates an edger for extreme conditions without any loss of the precision that is required.


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drylin® linear bearing systems are robust under many conditions of use: they withstand dirt, humidity and liquids, high and low temperatures, severe vibrations, and hard shocks and knocks.

Dirt resistant

drylin® linear technology – Long service life in spite of being exposed to considerable levels of dirt

In contrast to recirculating ball bearing guides, drylin® linear technology uses sliding elements made of high performance polymers that prevent dirt and dust from adhering.

Robust application

Customer application:
Freed from dirt and dust

The mobile sawmill of Serra Maschinenbau GmbH has to work perfectly, be easy to operate and be easy to look after and maintain whatever the weather. drylin® linear technology is dirt-resistant.

Dirt resistant

Want to find out more?

drylin® can even be used in places where sand, chips and dust are to be found, the reason being that, similarly to the way in which a snow plough functions, foreign bodies are simply forced out of the way due to the contact surface between the plastic sliding element and the guide.


No corrosion, no grease – drylin® linear technology

The materials used for the drylin® linear guides are highly resistant to various media and have been tested for use underwater.


Customer application:
Labelling - without rust

In the food and beverages industry in particular, special hygiene requirements have to be met. Machines and components must be corrosion-free as in the case of this labelling machine.


Want to find out more?

The combination of highly alloyed stainless steel (e.g. 1.4571) with a high performance polymer (e.g. iglidur® X) can be described as resistant, even when it comes into contact with seawater.

Lighter than recirculating ball bearing guides

Achieve up to 75% weight savings with drylin® linear technology

Conventional recirculating ball bearing guides mainly consist of metal, whereas light, high performance polymers are used for drylin® linear technology.

Lightweight application

Customer application:
Drone - Light and easy guidance

A drylin® guide made of carbon fibre was used for a drone – The guide has the necessary stability while being robust and extremely light.

Lighter than recirculating ball bearing guides

Want to find out more?

drylin® linear bearing systems are designed for low-height installation dimensions and low weight. The use of sliding elements made of plastic guarantees low mass for easy handling.

Quieter than recirculating ball bearing guides

Four times quieter due to polymer sliding elements

Thanks to their sliding elements, drylin® products made of high performance polymers have a noise output of 20 dB on average and are therefore around 4 times quieter than corresponding linear bearings made of metal.

Low-noise application

Customer application:
3D printer - Low noise is essential

A high rate of acceleration during printing and fast linear movements generate severe vibrations. The requirements for the 3D printing system of Kühling&Kühling, whereby low-noise, noise-dampening linear technology had to be installed, were fulfilled completely with drylin®.

Low noise

Want to find out more?

drylin® linear bearing systems slide on plastic instead of rolling on steel balls. As a result, significantly less noise and vibration is generated.

Clean & hygienic

Lubrication-free linear technology for extremely high hygiene requirements

Due to lubrication-free sliding elements and a linear bearing liner made of high performance polymers, drylin® linear technology is especially clean and hygienic.

Clean application

Customer application:
Clear pipetting

A clean linear guide that meets the extreme hygiene requirements in the pharmaceutical, bio, chemical and medical industries is essential for pipetting devices that are used by the University of Ljubljana, which also requires a high level of precision for such devices.

Clean & hygienic

Want to find out more?

All drylin® linear bearing systems operate without any external lubrication such as oil or grease and are therefore extremely clean. In cleanrooms, splashed grease and oil mist can be ruled out completely.

Fact check: Plain bearings vs. rolling bearings

Characteristics of
igus® plain bearings
Characteristics of
rolling bearings
Technical data of
igus® plain bearings
Technical data of rolling bearingsEspecially relevant
for the following industries:
Accuracy++++0.02 - 0.15 mm0.001 - 0.01 mmMachine tools, CNC processing, electronics manufacturing
Completely lubrication-free++++  Medicine, packaging, food, cleanroom, consumer goods
Maintenance-free++++  For many different branches of industry
Weight advantage++++Aluminium approx. 2.7 g/cm³
Polymer approx. 1.5 g/cm³
Steel approx. 7.8 g/cm³Handling, automation, laboratory, leisure time
Highly dynamic responsiveness in the case of low loads++++  Packaging, handling, automation
Highly dynamic responsiveness in the case of high loads++++  Packaging, handling, automation
Stroke length variance+++++  Camera technology, textile
Coefficient of friction++++0,15 - 0,3 µ0,001 - 0,05 µManual adjustment, pivoting
Sensitivity to dirt++++  Packaging, stone, textile, paper, painting equipment
Noise dampening ¹+++++45-60 dB60-70 dBMedicine, laboratory, furniture
Cost advantage+++++  For many different branches of industry
Protection against corrosion+++  Filling systems, chemicals, food
Magnetism++++Plastic, aluminiumSteelMedicine, testing instruments
Chemical resistance++++1.4751 + iglidur® X1.4112Medicine, food, electroplating, filling systems
Compatibility of the modules++++  Jig construction, assembly line automation
Quiet operation without any vibration+++++  Camera technology, inspection, medicine, 3D printer
Short-stroke suitability++++  Textile, handling
Easy assembly and quick replacement++++  Jig construction, assembly line automation
Rigidity++++  Machine tools, CNC processing, electronics manufacturing
Long travels of more than 10 m+++  Camera, material handling, logistics
Temperature resistance++++up to +250 °C Chemicals
Smooth running++++  Manual adjustment
Maximum acceleration ²+++++50 m/s²15 m/s²Automation, handling
Maximum speed ²++++30 m/s5 - 10 m/sAutomation, handling

1) Measured in the igus® laboratory, 400 mm stroke, manual adjustment
2) When subjected to low loads, depending on installation size 0.1 to 5 kg
Characteristics: +++ strong ++ average + weak

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