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igus® – motion plastics® worldwide

High-performance plastics for applications in motion increase service life and reduce costs

igus® GmbH produces machine elements made of high-performance plastics, which are used in the field of motion and are characterised by a long service life and low maintenance (lubrication-free). This reduces costs and increases productivity. The product portfolio includes over 100,000 solutions from stock, which are completed by systems and services. The innovative power of igus® is reflected in hundreds of new products and solutions every year.
igus® products are tested intensively to allow specific predictions about service life in a variety of applications. All products and solutions can be simulated and configured online. In addition, we will provide you with samples for your own tests. Delivery is fast and with minimum order quantities.

The igus® founders in front of the double garage, where everything began  

How everything begins

The first igus® products are developed in a double garage in Cologne-Mülheim. Günter Blase founded igus® GmbH on 15th October 1964. During the first twenty years, igus® established itself successfully as a supplier to industry for sophisticated technical plastic components.
In 1983, Frank Blase, son of Günter Blase, starts to concentrate on his own products, such as e-chain systems® and bearings, and establishes an in-house sales department. From 1985 to 2018, igus® grew from 40 to over 3,800 employees spread all over the world. igus® will continue to invest in expansion in the coming years. Chances are good – thanks to the innovation in all areas!

The customer – the sun in the igus® solar system

For igus®, the customers are at the centre of all activities. For igus®, customers have the same significance as the sun to life on earth. The sun gives us light, warmth and energy; our customers give us ideas, work and money. When the customers are happy, igus® is happy.
igus® delivers on the same day worldwide, creates quotations within hours, makes next-day visits possible. igus® is fast with its 35 offices and is picking up speed from one year to the next.

The igus®

The igus® "solar system"


The igus® structure: teams – team leader – management. In a system based on the rules of chaos.

igus® at trade fairs  

Individual and competent consultation is paramount – on site, at fairs, by phone and online. These efforts are supported by a full-service website and detailed catalogues.

Some facts:

igus® was founded in 1964

igus® has offices in 35 countries and sales partners in more than 80 countries

igus® employs about 3,800 people worldwide at present

Every year, igus® develops between 1,500 and 2,500 new products and product extensions

The environment at igus® is fully open, anyone can contact anyone else directly, all people work at the same desks, have the same work equipment, the same choice of meals at the cafeteria and use the same bathroom

igus® trains its employees constantly with regard to products, computer software programmes, foreign languages, company seminars, group trainings, technical seminars for dealers and so on.

We look forward to your e-mail!

Frank Blase  
Frank Blase

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Blaß  
Michael Blaß

Vice President

Tobias Vogel  
Tobias Vogel

Vice President
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