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igus® in use in composting and
incineration plants

igus® solutions for composting and waste incineration plants and equipment

40 years experience in plastics research

Humidity, dirt, swarf, heat and cold – These are just some of many environmental and weather-related factors in which composting and waste-incineration plants have to function reliably. For composting, fail-safe components are indispensable to ensure that the complicated, self-contained composting process is not disturbed. The aim is to produce high-quality compost from biodegradable waste so that it can be used as a fully effective fertilizer in gardening and farming. In heavy-duty areas, steel systems are increasingly being replaced with igus® products due to their exceptional suitability.  

Energy chains from igus® in an incineration plant


The benefits at a glance:

  • Corrosion-free
  • Cost-effective, modular design
  • Durability with low maintenance
  • Resistant to dirt, sea water, chemicals, extreme temperature
  • Proven, tested material with igus® system guarantee
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • TÜV tested

Sample box  

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Selected products

rol e-chain®  
rol e-chain® - rolling instead of gliding

  • Speeds up to 6m/s possible
  • Available as ready-to-fit, harnessed system
  • Can be used in dirty environments

chainflex® cables  
chainflex® cables for motion

  • Abrasion-resistant insulation
  • High tensile strength centre element and gusset-filled extrusion
  • Bundled design
  • Abrasion-resistant, flexible outer jacket

guidefast & guidefast control

  • Safe and space-saving 
  • No tangling of cables 
  • Transmission of energy, data and signals
Find out more about guidefast
Find out more about guidefast control

Selected application examples

Very extreme conditions

Rolling energy supply systems from igus® withstand heat, dirt, humidity and other harsh environmental factors in this composting plant.

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Reliable all year long

In this waste incineration plant, a rol e-chain® from igus® with a travel of 90 metres ensures problem-free operation.

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Thermal processing

In these Mannheim crane factories, thermal processing takes place, whereby a large amount of dust is produced. igus® rol e-chains® used for trolley and crane movement do their job faultlessly.

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Checked in the igus® test laboratory for use in the real world

Media-resistance of e-chains® and cables - Bentonite test


View of the e-chain systems® test laboratory


Further information

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Why chainflex?

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e-chain® installation service  
Installation service

Save time and money on installation and maintenance of your energy chain systems!

igus® engineering service  
Engineering service

We can provide you with advice and offer tailor-made custom solutions for your applications!