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Technical information & background details

Why iglidur® plain bearings?

Lubrication-free, thanks to high-performance plastic
iglidur® plain bearings made of wear-resistant polymers, improved by precisely coordinated additions of reinforcing materials and solid lubricants, make external lubrication superfluous. They are made up of different components: base polymers for wear resistance, fibres and fillers reinforce the bearings for absorbing high forces or edge loads, and solid lubricants lubricate the bearings independently and reduce the friction of the system.
Tested and calculable
With over 135 trillion test movements annually, the iglidur® plastics are extensively tested with regard to wear and coefficient of friction, as well as other relevant material properties. The core of our research is to provide precise predictions of the bearing behaviour, in particular the service life of the plain bearings in moving applications, on the basis of constantly improved materials. iglidur® polymer plain bearings from igus® constitute the step from a simple plastic bushing to a tested and calculable machine element for a long service life of your application. Since 1983, they have proven themselves millions of times for customers all over the world in countless applications in which the service life has been increased.
On the basis of all test results, we can reliably calculate the service life of the plain bearings, also online with our service life calculator.
Costs down
Save costs by eliminating lubrication, through increased service life, by reducing weight in your application and by the low purchase price. More than 3,000 dimensions available from stock, without a minimum order value.

Plastic instead of metal

Change bearings now
For more than 30 years, iglidur® plain bearings, which conform to RoHS, have been a technically and economically advantageous alternative to metallic plain bearings. As a standard from stock or as a tailor-made special solution, they have already replaced millions of metallic bushings.
The right bearing for any application

  • made of Tribo-polymers
  • lubrication-free
  • Tested and calculable
  • dirt resistant and corrosion free
  • light and quiet
  • Large standard product range and customised design