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2020 Low Cost Automation news overview

Apiro planetary gearbox

New: drygear® Apiro planetary gearbox in size 20

  • Planetary gears made of tribologically optimised igus® high-performance polymers
  • Modular cantilever axis for manual or motor-powered
  • adjustments
  • Can be combined with the Apiro® modular system
  • Greater forces possible with the same installation space
  • Can be connected to NEMA stepper motors or DC motors (optional).
  • Has achieved more than one million cycles at a speed
    of 500mm/sec. with a 2.5kg load

RL-PD splash-water protection

New: robolink® RL-DP now also protected against splash water

  • Resistance to splash water thanks to tribologically optimised robot joints
  • for Protection Class IP 44
  • Joining links made of stainless steel
  • Motors with Protection Class IP 65 encoder
  • Cost down as  no minimum order necessary for cost efficiency
  • Energy efficient (lightweight robotics)

Improved generation of strain wave gears

igus® strain wave gear

Tech up:

  • Up to 50% higher efficiency
  • Light and compact, made of igus®  high-performance polymers
Cost down:
  • Cost-effective due to use of plastic
  • Quick and easy adaption as axis 5 in robots
  • 28% higher efficiency
  • 94% higher load-bearing capacity
  • Completely lubrication-free operation
  • Lower inertia as fifth axis in robotics

igus® Robot Control software & hardware

Robot control system with software and hardware from igus®

Tech up:

  • New robotics control software by igus®
  • Available in control cabinet or on top-hat (DIN) rail
Cost down:
  • Try out programming software for free online
  • Intuitive operator control for everybody
  • The user can test the software as a free download
  • A software for programming linear robots, delta robots and robot arms

Axis 7 for robots

Axis 7 for robots

Tech up:

  • Ready-to-install linear axis 7 in robotics
    for flexible use of robots in the workspace
  • Matching adapter kits for robolink DP and UR with UR Cap Integration
Cost down:
  • Toothed belt axis ZLW-20 from the drylin® W modular system
  • Kits available individually or as ready-to-install ZLW-20
  • Up to 4 times larger robot workspace due to linear adjustment with axis 7
  • 100% lubrication-free ZLW-20 toothed belt axis
  • Materials can be recycled

Modular robot gearbox: drygear® Apiro

Robot gearboxes

Tech up:

  • Modular design for manual and motor-operated adjustments
  • Worm gears made of tribologically optimised igus high-performance polymers
Cost down:
  • Cost-effective gearboxes made of solid plastic
  • Fast conversion possible
  • 100% clean operation
  • 40% better performance through iglidur® A180
  • Very light and completely lubrication-free

robolink DP articulated arm robot

RL-DP articulated arm robot

Tech up:

  • robolink articulated arm robot with four or five degrees of freedom (4 DOF/5 DOF)
  • Standard colour black, individual colour and logo possible
  • Payload up to 30N
  • Cycle times > 7s
Cost down:
  • Cost-effective, robust design
  • Fast return on investment
  • Simple programming and control system through  igus Robot Control
  • Adapter disc compatible for e.g. grippers and vision
  • Reach up to 790mm (5 DOF)
  • Tested: up to 3,000,000 cycles at 100 payload of 110gr
  • Robot without lubrication
  • Materials can be recycled



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