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3D printing news 2021

Interactive new products catalogue

An interactive version of our new online catalogue with technical data, dimensions and pictures of our innovations is now available. Every page provides additional explanatory videos, links to products in the online shop, our online tools, and blog articles and websites with additional information about our new 3D printing services and products.
The entire catalogue and individual pages can be downloaded easily in PDF format. The interactive catalogue can also be shared with colleagues via e-mail or social media.

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Multi-material 3D printing

3D printing with up to four plastics

With multi-material printing, slide and wear-optimised 3D printing materials are combined with up to three other materials within a component. This allows a wide variety of material properties to be combined in a single part.

More about multi-material 3D printing

Abrasion-resistant components, up to 3m in size, from the 3D printer

Large-format 3D printing using iglidur I150 and iglidur I151

iglidur I150 and I151, which are especially wear-resistant, make it easy to use large-format components in large-scale mechanical engineering.  Additive manufacturing can reduce material usage and costs by up to 80%.

More about large-format 3D printing

Food compatible by means of laser sintering

Greater strength, better surface and lower component price

The iglidur I6 laser sintering material is another wear-resistant 3D printing plastic tested for contact with food and approved in accordance with FDA and EU 10/2011 requirements. Special parts, prototypes and volumes for applications in the food and beverage industries can now be manufactured in just three days in any quantity from 1 to 10,000.
Thanks to the incorporated solid lubricants, the moving parts require no external lubrication, and the special material composition reduces abrasion by up to a factor of 50.
Order your free sample now and see for yourself!

More about food-safe 3D printing

Chemical-resistant, food-compatible special parts printed in five days

New chemical-resistant laser sintering material: iglidur I10

iglidur I10, the new laser sintering material, is ideal for weight-saving functional components with elastic properties
in the food industry due of its very high chemical resistance.

More about our materials' chemical resistance

iglidur I151 filament

All-rounder filament for food contact applications

The abrasion-resistant iglidur I151 filament can be used on any 3D printer, complies with EU 10/2011 and FDA food requirements, and is ideal for applications in the food and packaging industry.

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3D printed igumid P150: extremely rigid and strong

Rigid multi-material partner for iglidur I150 and for structural parts

The new fibre-reinforced 3D printing filament igumid P150, has been specially developed as a partner material for iglidur I150, for the manufacture of especially strong and simultaneously low-friction components produced with the multi-material printing process. Thanks to its great strength and rigidity, igumid P150 can be used to print stable structural parts and for lightweight construction with little need for material.

Further information on igumid P150 in our Materials shop

3D isense: 3D printed wear-resistant parts with sensors

Fast manufacture of intelligent special parts for predictive maintenance

The components made with the multi-material printing process enable predictive maintenance for quickly manufactured special parts so that machine downtime and maintenance work can be reduced sustainably. Due to the sensor layer, the intelligent 3D isense components issue a warning before the wear limit is reached or if overloading occurs.  

Further information on 3D isense

Configure toothed belt discs individually in 60 seconds online

The CAD configurator for 3D printed toothed belt discs

The free CAD configurator allows toothed belt discs to be configured according to required dimensions online in just a few clicks and ordered immediately in the 3D printing service. No CAD skills are necessary.

More about 3D printed toothed belt discs

Durable 3D printed gears thanks to optimised tooth root geometry

The gear CAD configurator for gears with eight or more teeth

The free CAD configurator can be used to configure customised single and double gears with low tooth counts online in just a few clicks and order them immediately. No CAD skills are necessary.

Configure individual 3D printed gears

Service life calculator for gears printed in 3D

Now also available for iglidur I8-ESD

iglidur I8-ESD is an electrostatically discharging SLS material for long-lasting, abrasion-resistant 3D printed components. With the iglidur gear service life calculator, you can quickly and free of charge calculate the estimated service life of 3D printed gears made of iglidur I8-ESD.

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