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iglidur® I10-PL, laser sintering material

  • High chemical resistance
  • Low moisture absorption 
  • Very tough
  • Food grade according to FDA and EU regulation 10/2011
  • Available also in 3D printing service in 3 to 5 days 
  • Ideal for use in the food and electroplating industries 
Product description
Selective laser sintering (SLS) material: iglidur® I10-PL

With iglidur I10, a chemical-resistant laser sintering material was developed, which is characterised by high ductility and low moisture absorption.
Due to the food conformity, iglidur I10 is also suitable for applications in the packaging or food industry.
iglidur I10 is an ideal material for weight-saving, functional, components with elastic specifications.

When do I need it?
  • For high demands on chemical resistance
  • When the application requires a food grade material
  • For elastic component properties
When do I not need it?
  • For applications under water or with high humidity (→ iglidur I8-ESD)
  • If components with ESD specifications are required (→ iglidur I8-ESD)
  • For all types of applications where low friction and high wear resistance are important
  • When components with high mechanical strength are required, especially gear applications (→ iglidur I3-PL)
  • If the application temperature is higher than 60°C in the long term (→ iglidur I3-PL)
Technical data