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New iglidur® bearing products 2021

Tech up, cost down. It's our job.

Whether for very small installation spaces or in very large ones. From a quantity of one to millions every month. Nothing is too much for igus. All our customers with their individual requirements and needs are of equal importance.  
Due to many, many applications, ideas and designs, we are faced with the same challenge over and over again: what can the solution look like? How can we deal with the problem?
As a result, we work together to create new products every year - solutions to problems. Many of them make it beyond the status of an individual customer project into production. This is the igus spring news. In 2021 as well - perhaps particularly in 2021, when a lot of things are changing in the world and many customers are looking for alternatives.  
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Especially chemical-resistant coating material

Wear-resistant and chemical-resistant polymer coatings

The new coating formulation iglidur® IC-07 was optimised in particular regarding its chemical resistance, and protects metal surfaces not only against friction and wear, but also against aggressive chemicals.  

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Cost-effective heavy-duty plain bearing

iglidur® TX2 - new fabric bushings made of high-strength filament fabric

The new iglidur® TX2 plain bushings were developed for use in particularly highly loaded bearing locations. Due to its incorporated solid lubricants, the high-strength, wound construction ensures for a low-friction and maintenance-free operation - entirely without external lubrication.   

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High performance for high volumes

iglidur® Z4 - for high room temperatures and other extreme conditions

Extremely high compressive strength coupled with high elasticity enables iglidur® Z4 bearings to attain their prominent features in association with soft shafts, edge loads and impacts. At the same time, the bearings are suitable for temperatures up to +250°C. iglidur® Z4 was developed in particular for especially price-sensitive applications where the bearing material still had to meet high requirements.

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GKF shafts

Cost-effective protection against corrosion

iglidur® GKF shafts are optimised for use in combination with dry-running plain bearings, and increase the service life of your bearing locations. GKF shafts are an alternative to galvanised or chromed shafts, and offer a special protection against corrosion and wear. They have been developed especially for the use in agricultural and forestry machines as well as for construction machinery and utility vehicles.

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iglidur® FastLine service

Configured in seconds, injection-moulded within seven days

With the igus® FastLine service, you receive customised injection-moulded plain bearings and thrust washers in a maximum of seven days. Apart from the immediate price indication, the iglidur® plain bearing designer shows you the manufacturing costs of our other production methods.

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Extremely robust iglidur H3 plain bearings

For use in pumps and problematic media

H3 is a new material in the iglidur H family. H3 sets new standards with its outstanding robustness.  This material is more robust than comparable materials and has a longer service life than iglidur H1.

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iglidur AX500 - electrically discharging and extremely robust

New food-grade material for the high-temperature range

AX500 is conductive and has an even lower coefficient of wear than its predecessor. The material was specially developed for the food industry and can therefore be used in contact with food products.  

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iglidur AC500 for high temperatures

Plain bearings for the food industry

iglidur AC500 is a further development of the A500 material, which is detectable and has an optimised service life. Plain bearings made of AC500 have been certified for use in direct contact with food.  

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Rollers made of iglidur F3

Wear-resistant and conductive

When electrical conductivity is important and electrostatic charging of the components has to be avoided, iglidur F3 is exactly the right choice. As the material contains incorporated solid lubricants, the rollers can be used without any additional lubricants and the maintenance associated with them.

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With felt seal iglidur® SG03

Prevent ingress of dirt ... available from stock

The SG03 felt seal prevents the ingress of dirt and dust into the bearing and thus protects the bearing itself and the shaft against wear and early failure.

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iglidur® isense

Plain bearing for predictive maintenance ... available from stock

iglidur® isense plain bearings indicate their wear status in good time. If a bearing needs to be changed, the system is informed about it.

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Sample box - iglidur plain bearings

iglidur improves sample box

Get to know our plain bearing materials. The sample box contains 39 plain bearings and templates, which makes it easy to find the right material.

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What do iglidur materials consist of? What is behind the self-lubrication effect? Learn more about the functionality of iglidur plain bearings.

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