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Harnessed energy chains and cables increase productivity

Tech up, Cost down. It's our job.

Our task is to constantly develop new innovations in energy chains and cables. This enables us to help you to save costs and further increase the quality of machines and systems at the same time, in other words "Tech up, Cost down". It's our job. “
We at igus also accept the responsibility to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and improvement of recycling: when energy chains reach the end of their service life, we have them processed in the igus recycling programme . Also learn more about our investment in the chemical recycling programme of Mura Technology Limited.

Module Connect adapter

For easy connection of the energy chain with snap-in mechanism

Module Connect adapter

Tech up:

  • Attachment without additional sheet metal parts
  • Flexible: simple clip fastening for wall and floor
  • Safe: integrated strain relief and seal
  • Suitable: Configure the interface by combining separate housings into one connector
Cost down:
  • Save 80% assembly time
  • For service: unplug it, plug it back in, and that's all there is to it

Heavy duty harnessing

Individual energy chains and cables for harsh environments

Heavy duty harnessing

Tech up:

  • Robust and corrosion-free: e-chains for harsh environments
  • Application-optimised and ready to install
Cost down:
  • Save 68% assembly time
  • Save 89% procurement time 
  • Save on assembly and testing tools

readycable® hybrid cable suitable for Siemens drives

Save installation space and reduce construction costs

RCa hybrid cable suitable for Siemens

Tech up:

  • Save installation space and weight with the latest hybrid technology: one cable for power and data
  • Automatic  generation of cable plan, parts list and further design documents in CAE system
Cost down:
  • Reduce design time by 50% with ready-to-use ePlan macros
  • No minimum quantity surcharges, no cutting charges 

readycable® ePlan macros

Faster designing with eplan macros suitable for SEW drives

eplan macros

Tech up:

  • 7 qualities per cable directly available in EPLAN
  • Automatic generation of cable plan, parts list, and other design documents in CAE
Cost down:
  • Reduce design time by 50% with ready-to-use ePlan macros
  • Easily designed digitally & can be ordered online immediately
  • 36-month guarantee on cables sold by the metre

readycable® hybrid cable

Harnessed hybrid cable suitable for Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth

Tech up:

  • Installation space and weight, save weight with the latest hybrid technology: only one cable for power and data
  • Can be ordered quickly and easily with a 36-month Guarantee can be ordered online
Cost down:
  • Reduced cabling time and effort, onlyone cable instead of two
  • 24 hours from stock, availability for just-in-time delivery reduces your own warehousing facilities

readycable® for robots

Extension cables suitable for Kuka, Fanuc and ABB

ABB extension cable

Tech up:

  • Existing robot systems and interfaces can be extended flexibly with the thoroughly tested cable extensions
  • Harnessed, ready to connect and immediately ready for use
Cost down:
  • Up to 7 cable qualities and price categories: you choose the cable with the best price/performance ratio for you robot application

readycable® global factory

Fully equipped readycable® factories for drive cables suitable for 24 manufacturer standards in Spain, Turkey, UK and Germany.

readycable® international

Tech up:

  • Consistently high quality thanks to internationally standardised production
  • Machine-harnessed

Cost down:
  • Local production reduces transport costs
  • 36-month guarantee

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