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Lubrication-free bearing support made easy: iglidur® polymer plain bearings

The right material for every challenge

Dry operation thanks to incorporated solid lubricants, cost savings due to elimination of maintenance and cost-effective prices as well as short delivery times - iglidur® polymer plain bearings combine these specifications.  We regularly develop new high-performance polymer solutions for specific applications. This includes, for example, the iglidur Q2E heavy-duty bearing, which can withstand extreme loads thanks to its multi-component structure and, on top of this, is more cost-effective than comparable composites. For high volumes or prototypes with no minimum order quantity, we offer you the right solution with our catalogue range or requested components. With the "iglidur expert system", you can also calculate the service life of the iglidur plain bearings in your application for free - online and without registration.

News highlights

New standard product range

Plain bearings standard product range for predictive maintenance

New standard product range    

iglidur withstands mould

Lubrication-free iglidur plain bearings made of high-performance plastics ensure clean air in aircraft and buildings.

iglidur withstands mould    
More news highlights

Cost-effective heavy-duty bearing: iglidur® Q2E

With extreme loads, even high-tech polymers reach their limits. The new iglidur Q2E therefore offers a completely new multi-component design and, as a consequence, is even able to cope with extreme loads. In addition, thanks to optimised injection moulding technology, it is more cost-effective than comparably resistant
composites.  Also available with isense technology for smart bearings.

  • Self-lubricating due to incorporated solid lubricants
  • Extremely wear-resistant under dynamic loads of up to 130MPa
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant

Plain bearing material for pivoting movement: iglidur® E7

iglidur E7, a material known from drylin linear technology, is also available for the first time as a plain bearing with a wide range of dimensions. Plain bearings made of the new material have excellent coefficients of friction and wear under low to medium loads.

  • Quiet operation due to good dampening properties
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Self-lubricating due to incorporated solid lubricants
  • Corrosion-free

iglidur® K230 clip bearings

Low coefficients of friction and wear

These clip bearings are made of wear-resistant iglidur high-performance polymers and are specially designed for shafts that go through sheet metal. With this specific clip bearing design, a locating spigot is utilised to enable fitting into less precise holes and housings. The new iglidur K230 material absorbs less moisture and is even more flexible than the iglidur M250 clip bearings.

iglidur® coating

The coating of metallic components is now also possible with the proven materials iglidur IC-03 and IC-06. The coating provides the components with the wear and sliding properties of the wear-resistant iglidur materials. Of interest wherever a classic shaft-bearing combination is not possible.

iglidur® SG03 felt seals for plain bearings

The SG03 felt seal prevents the ingress of dirt and dust into bearing points and thus protects the bearing itself and the shaft against wear and failure.

  • Can be adapted to your required design
  • Clean bearings even with dirt and dust
  • Cost-effective