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Products for use in camera technology

We present here bus cables and other products for use in industrial image processing.

Dirk Schaar, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Industrial Vision’, at Vision 2008 speaking to Rainer Rössel, Head of Marketing & Engineering for chainflex® cables at igus®.

Vision technology products

Reference list of cameras – selection aid for chainflex® cables

Camera and film technology

Modular system for camera sliders.

Examples of successful applications in vision technology

and other interesting example applications in relation to film & television, set design and stage props

LED screen

Temperature-resistant chainflex® cables in an LED screen.

Machine building

The technical demands on energy supply systems in machinery and plant construction require cables that work reliably.

High speed camera positioning

The rail & Tracking systems are used wherever fast camera movements are an important factor as, for example, at sport competitions, but also at many popular events such as concerts, stage shows, etc.


This laser welding robot works extremely fast. Here, a very flexible and, above all, fail-safe energy supply system is required.

Digital camera technology

The chainflex® bus cables are used for their robustness and signal quality.

Camera system

The spherical igubal® coupling between motor and camera dolly permits speeds up to 3m/s in curves.

Screen lifter for large displays

Lifting heavy loads

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