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Lubricant and maintenance-free products for pools and public bath

Low maintenance and cost-effective products for the use in pool- and public bath construction

With our many years of experience as a manufacturer of energy supply systems and plain bearing technology made of high-performance plastics, we also offer a broad range of products for swimming pool builders, the following is only an excerpt.
igus® products are suitable for use in, for example, roofing for swimming pools, pool covers, moving skylights or sliding doors, or in cleaning robots.
Special benefits of igus® products


Maintenance-free solution


Chemical resistant

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Current News 2015 for public bath and pool construction

Products for use in swimming pools and public baths

Slat blinds / Sunscreen


Electrical roof hatches


Electrical roof hatches


A broad variety of shapes and materials - igubal® spherical balls

Energy chains for confined spaces
e-chain® E2 micro

CF9 chainflex® control cables for smallest bending radii


Very low weight

Various materials

Inner dimensions from 5 x 5 mm

Light and cost effective

Broad range of versions

Radii up to 4 x d

TPE outer jacket

resistant to chlorine

Electrical roof hatches


Electrical roof hatches


Pool pumps /
Swimming pool filter


For wet applications
iglidur® H

Self-adjusting igubal® spherical bearings

iglidur® UW plain bearings

For underwater applications

Chemical resistant

Maintenance-free solution


Insensitive to dirt and dust

for rotary, oscillating and linear motions

Very low weight

For underwater applications

For fast and continuous rotations

High holding times

Sliding door




Cleaning robot


For confined installation spaces - drylin® N low profile linear guide

igubal® flange and pillow block bearings

Wear-resistant xiros® C160 polymer ball bearing

Small installation height between 6 and 12 mm


Low wear with low coefficient of friction

Totally corrosion-resistant

Very low weight

Usable underwater for chemical resistance

High stiffening and fatigue strength

Ideal for outdoor use

Nonmagnetic and washable

resistant to chlorine


Interesting application examples for swimming pool builders

Swimming pool cover

Despite high installation costs, the solution with ball bearings and shrink tubing never achieved a proper sealing. The problem could be solved thanks to igubal® flange bearings.

Flexible roofing

With this system, for example, terraces can be roofed flexibly. The roof is even waterproof in the closed state.


No matter how much the sun shines: these sunshades ensure pleasant light conditions within the building.

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Solar technology

For extreme environments.