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Overview of materials used and application examples

To find in applications like:

Bottle ejector

Bottle guides

Size adjustment

Labelling machine

Cutting machines

Transfer spider
on transfer table

Transfer wheel  

iglidur® J plain bearings that support the main shaft used to rotate the transfer wheels and that also support the gripper jaws

Inspection Sytem: Label control

Camera box adjustment  

drylin® SLW-2080 linear systems for XZ movement of the inspection camera (label checking).

Height adjustment of a coding device

Height adjustment  

drylin® special SHT-20 lead screw linear system for adjusting the height of a coding device (product change).

Identification system

Marking system  

drylin® W rail and housing bearing for adjustment of the inscribing head

Inspection system

Inspection system  

drylin® SLW or drylin® SHT linear systems for adjusting the height of cameras or sensors. Also suitable for bottle checking.


Inline labellers  

xiros® ball bearings in film guide rollers

Application examples of our customers

Labelling machine

This labelling machine prints a data matrix code on bottle labels that includes, for example, information on durability, storage conditions and the manufacturer.

Labelling machine    

Label feed

drylin® T in label feed with quick and flexible format adjustment.

Label feed    


The drylin® spindle lift table with position indicator and handwheel is used in a coder to label cheese because of its freedom from lubricants.



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