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Assembly transport rack for ready-to-install energy supply systems

readychain® rack - Hours instead of days

IF Product design award 2014

Award for the readychain® Rack

readychain® rack light

Slim design, even more economical

The telescoping and modular transport and assembly rack for harnessed energy supply systems in the new size.

Use in much smaller applications is still more economical

Adaptable, large readychain® rack available

Finer adjustment to the customer application

igus® has been focused on harnessed readychain® energy supply systems for nearly 20 years. To bring the chain to the machine quickly and reliably, igus® has developed a new telescoping transport rack in a modular design, which can be accurately adjusted to within millimeters to the interface of the respective machine within one workday. This dramatically reduces your process costs for mechanical engineering and plant construction. This relatively low cost concept is already cost effective when producing only of few machines per year, and gives you the ability to take advantage of the new modular rack even for small production volumes.

Modular supports and cross-members that interlock perfectly

Telescoping feature permits length adjustments at any time.

Locking mechanisms for subsequent component attachment

Movement and transport is child's play thanks to the traveling unit developed in-house

Sustainable use of resources by repeated use of individual components

Reduces process costs by up to 80% during prototyping

Reduces process costs by up to 50% across the entire process

Applications:Mechanical engineering and plant construction

readychain® rack light examples

Environmentally friendly due to unlimited reuse

The new telescoping transport and assembly rack for completely pre-harnessed and tested energy chains.

Environmentally friendly due to unlimited reuse of individual modules, set up within a few hours and already profitable starting at only five systems per year.


Harnessed energy supply systems, connectors and cables by igus®.


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