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Applications - "twisterchain" system

Circular motions with twisterchain - The twisterchain product line offers a large selection for circular motions. twisterchain applications are supplied with guide trough, which has the following advantages: guiding of the e-chain®, reduced abrasion of the e-chain®, optimum low-noise operation, rotation angle up to 520° (with special mounted parts). Modular assembly of the guide trough enables the use of a longer chain length, various bending radii and several turns.

The rugged design enables secure operation even in dirty/dusty environment.
twisterchain in continuous industrial use in 3-shift operation - Buckling arm robot - for welding applications, 420° rotary movement
Spiral, circular motions - Series twisterchain
twisterchain in a guide trough for rotary movements in a buckling arm robot

Water jet cutting

The “waterproof” aspect is one of the most important for components used for water-jet cutting.

Mining application

A versatile applicable commercial vehicle from underground mining that is required for maintenance in different sectors.

Stronger in the circle

Until recently, you could not purchase a solution anywhere in the world for this application.

X-ray robot

This newly developed X-ray robot presents a special challenge to energy chains.

Multi-axis robots

Maintenance free with cables and multi-dimensional energy chains.

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.