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"System P4" - Applications

Over 1,000 systems worldwide are in permanent use with conventional roller e-chains®. Industry, in particular the crane building sector, places increasing demands on travel distances, fill weights, special and high travel speeds whilst operating quietly at the same time. igus® fulfills these requirements with the P4 system. Facilities of this type are designed by our project engineers.

Typical industrial sectors and applications

Crane systems (indoor/outdoor), shelf access equipment, plant, gantry robots, materials handling, mining, steel works

Overview of P4 applications:

P4 profile rollers in high-speed linear feeder

Dynamic feeding of plates by means of P4 profile rol e-chains from igus® for especially quiet, fast and vibration-free operation at high speeds and with large fill weights.

Gantry loader

Smooth-running e-chains® & pre-assembled cables from igus® are the perfect choice for the energy and signal supply system in this gantry loader by the Gehring Group.

Portal system

Conserve energy with an efficient energy supply that uses less energy itself.


A special challenge when designing this crane was noise reduction, because the harbour is in the direct vicinity of a residential area.


The replacement of the old roller e-chain system® by an igus® P4 e-chain® resulted in several advantages.

Linear gantry

Roller energy chains for a highly dynamic and quiet linear gantry in the automobile industry

More applications from different sectors