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After a test phase, SIVAplan has started using the guidelok system from igus® in series production

The SIVAplan GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist in sophisticated storage systems mainly for foodstuff logistics. For its storage and retrieval machines, SIVAplan has successfully tested a new energy supply by igus® , which offers a weight advantage while making the installation much faster. Meanwhile, the "guidelok slimline P" system from the motion plastics® specialist igus® has proven itself in series production.

Energy supply under demanding conditions

For the implementation of storage and retrieval units (SRU) the energy supply to the load suspension device proves particularly challenging as SRUs move very dynamically. These include electrical energy, signal transmission, network connection and bus communication. On the one hand the hanging energy supply must be guided in such a way that it moves freely vertically, and on the other hand that it remains in the track in two axes even at high acceleration or under braking.

SIVAplan storage retrieval system with guidelok guide troughs. SIVAplan storage retrieval system with guidelok guide trough

guidelok leads cables safely even at high dynamics

No problem for guidelok guide troughs by igus® In every guidelok segment an automatically actuated rocker provides a secure location of the energy chain and reliably prevents unwanted swinging or knocking of the chain. When the chain moves in the radius through the segment, the rocker is pressed outwards and unlatched, so that the energy chain can move through freely. If the radius of the chain leaves the segment, the rocker pushes itself inward again and re-secures the energy chain.

Guiding system "guidelok slimline P" for hanging energy chains® Guiding system "guidelok slimline P" for hanging energy chains

Advantages of guidelok slimline P

Lightweight and cost-effective - made possible through plastic

Short assembly time - simple, fast and practically without tools due to GRP guide rails

Quiet - due to excellent absorption of vibrations and noise

Cold-resistant material - guidelok even withstands vibrations and shocks at up to -35 °C

SIVAplan uses readychain® service for even faster assembly

"Cables for energy, signals and bus systems are housed in the energy supply, in addition to a potential equalisation and in most cases also data cables for video or image processing systems," explains Dipl.-Ing. Michael Huse, leader of electric engineering at SIVAplan. It has proven successful that igus® delivers the pre-harnessed energy chain as "readychain®", so that it is ready to install, so to speak. "When we still had the chain 'unready', that is, procured as separate parts with unharnesed chainflex® cables, we had to insert the cables into the chain always with great effort and then we also had to check them. Now we can dispense with that entirely. The completely equipped chain has become a single part number.“

readychain® system consisting of energy supply and harnesseded cables. readychain® system consisting of energy supply and harnesseded cables.

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