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E4.1L - high dynamics, light and cost effective

All-rounder e-chains® and e-tubes for outstanding dynamic responsiveness. The E4.1L series has been developed to combine the advantages of the E2/000 and E4.1 in one series. The strength and stability of the E4.1 system combined with the easy accessibility of the E2/000 system. The E4.1L system is the ideal energy chain for mechanical engineering and applications of all kinds where there must be an optimum relationship between technical requirements and economic efficiency.

New, particularly cable-friendly interior separation program available.
Pivoting and rigid KMA mounting brackets available.
KMA mounting brackets with circumferential fastening options.

e-chain® with crossbars at every link, swivel lid on both sides

Series E4.31L

Internal height hi: 31 mm
Internal widths Bi: 40 - 300 mm
Bending radii R: 055 - 250 mm
Pitch: 46 mm

Series E4.38L

Inner height hi: 38 mm
Inner widths Bi: 50 - 400 mm
Bending radii R: 063 - 350 mm
Pitch: 56 mm

Series E4.48L

Inner height hi: 48 mm
Inner widths Bi: 50 - 400 mm
bending radii R: 075 - 350 mm
Pitch: 67 mm

Series E4.64L

Inner height hi: 64 mm
Inner widths Bi: 50 – 400 mm
Bend radii R: 100 – 400 mm
Pitch: 91 mm

e-tube, to be opened from both sides, lids can be hinge-opened - protection against chips and dirt

Serie R4.31L

Internal height hi: 31 mm
Internal widths Bi: 50 - 300 mm
Bending radii R: 075 - 250 mm
Pitch: 46 mm

Serie R4.38L

Internal height hi: 38 mm
Internal widths Bi: 50 - 300 mm
Bending radii R: 100 - 350 mm
Pitch: 56 mm

Serie R4.48L

Inner height hi: 48 mm
Inner widths Bi: 50 - 300 mm
bending radii R: 100 - 350 mm
Pitch: 67 mm

e-chain® selection aids

You can find the right e-chain® quickly by entering concrete parameters and with the aid of a comparison table.

Assembly instruction

Joining, separating and opening of the e-chain® and e-tubes.

Application examples

Applications in various industrial sectors and in the igus® test laboratory.

E4.1L e-chains® with 4-part structure

Low weight and high strength

Ideal ratio of inner and outer dimensions with thinner outer links and optimised crossbar geometry

30% lighter and lower-priced than E4.1

e-chains® and e-tubes openable along the inner and outer radius, from both sides

Very tightly fitting lids, virtually no gaps or openings

Openable along inner and outer radius

Inside completely accessible for easy filling

Typical industrial sectors and applications

Cost-effective alternative for E4.1

for unsupported applications

If the strength of the E2/000 is insufficient, but an E4.1 is too big

e4.1L icons

41 dB(A) determined in the igus® laboratory, v = 1.8 m/s unsupported
ESD classification: Electrically conductive ESD versions upon request
High torsional rigidity
iF Design Award 2014 for R4.1L e-tubes

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Installation videos

Connecting two E4.1L chain segments
Replacing E4.1L chain links

E4.1L extender crossbar

Extender crossbars E4.1L