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Airfield fuel tanker with telescopic crane

The e-chains and chainflex cables work in the tightest of installation spaces in flexible telescopic booms

This tanker is used to fuel aircraft at airports all over the world. In order to be able to flexibly supply the different types of aircraft, the crane boom must be as flexible as possible in height and length as well as being able to pivot. In addition, it should be accommodated on the vehicle itself in the most space-saving way possible. Our light and flexible e-chains guide the pressure and control cables up to the filler-neck coupling in all weathers.


  • What was needed: E2/000 series energy chains, chainflex control cables
  • Requirements: flexible cable and cable guidance solution that can be used in very confined installation spaces
  • Industry: aviation industry
  • Success for the customer: the E2 chain is suitable for confined spaces and combines this with high strength, quiet operation and a long service life. Just like the chain, the chainflex cables also enable the tightest bend radii and a high degree of flexibility.

Tanker aircraft


The company KAR Kunz Aviation Refueling GmbH is a manufacturer specialising in airfield tankers with tank and hydrant operation. Until now, it was common for the hoses and cables on the special vehicles to be used without guidance. A six-stage telescopic crane was installed on this tanker, which has the advantage of high flexibility during refuelling. Not only can the boom be moved precisely to the aircraft to be refuelled with the filler neck. It is also particularly flexible in height and length and can be pivoted, making refuelling quick and easy. However, the standard delivery for guiding the cables did not meet the expectations of the KAR designers, as it was only available in standard widths for guiding heavy hydraulic cables. Therefore, a better cable guidance system was sought which, on the one hand, could easily follow all movements of the flexible crane boom and, on the other hand, could be installed in the smallest installation space of this very space-saving construction.


As a new solution for the cable guidance, the KAR designers finally decided to use several energy chains. Specifically, our E2/000 series e-chains with chainflex control cables of the CF10 series and a pneumatic hose are used in the application. The E2 chain solution is suitable for confined spaces and combines this with a high level of strength, quiet operation and a long service life. Assembly and equipping have been simplified by various elements such as a folding mechanism of the folding bars and well thought-out interior division by means of separators within the chain. The chainflex cables inside the chains, like the chain itself, allow the tightest bend radii and can therefore be used in the flexible crane boom in confined spaces.

Airfield tanker vehicle
Airfield tanker vehicle

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